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historia 9 oliveres

In the foothills of the farmhouse of Benifloret, there is a terrace known as de les Nou Oliveres. It lies next to a county town of Cocentaina - a place that is well-known for its beauty and rich history. But, other than that, this area is also well-known for its olive trees. With several nine thousand-year-old olive trees, this place is a true paradise for olive oil production.

The fields of Cocentaina belong to a party of the Crown. It’s a patrimony that originates from the 19th century. This patrimony belongs to a priest who conceived the nickname “coroneta”. He used it to describe tonsure practices of religious people from that area. Soon after he coined that term, all these olive-rich fields of Cocentaina got the same name as well. Thus, the legend of “coroneta” was born!

The fields of Cocentaina have a very rich tradition that dates back to 19th century. The person responsible for the development of agriculture in this region was a devoted Cocentaina farmer. He belonged to a notable family that was heavily involved in agriculture ever since ancient times &mdash the Carbonell family.

Between that period and the current point in time, more than four generations of farmers walked past this area. Yet, nothing changed at all. In other words, the fields of Cocentaina are still a synonym for quality when it comes to olive growth. Moreover, out of all the branches in the area, the oldest one is still a symbol of prestige and tradition. Of course, that branch is Nou Oliveres. With a truly impressive height and a rather defiant look on the local landscape, this branch saw how time goes by as a privileged witness.

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The olive trees of these fields have a very long tradition. From Romans and Visigoths, all the way to Arabs and Christians &mdash many different people walked through this area. These nine-thousand-year-old trees have even witnessed the conquest of the great King James I of Aragon. Yet, all these centuries could not break the sheer harmony of these glorious olive trees. They were (and still are) the seeds of prosperity as well as prototypes for true high-quality fruits.

Even today, these trees are relics of tradition and quality. They are true natural wonders that resisted everything that destiny had thrown at them. While many landscapes perished as a result of this cruel twist, these trees were victorious. As such, they are the true timeless monuments of glory.

The fields of the El Maset and the Xaquera farmhouses have seen various innovations as well. The younger descendants of the Carbonell family have pioneered brand new technologies that quickly replaced the pure manual work of their predecessors. 

As a result of this impressive achievement, we can now enjoy the incredible taste of the fabulous Valencian oil. It has a flavor of a thousand years' time and a precise taste of the most demanding production standards of today.

The olive trees of Nou Oliveres stand the test of time perfectly. They are outlined in time as a treasure of nuances and with a history worthy of being known and savored.

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