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9 Oliveres - Premium Coupage - Varieties: Alfafarenca + Blanqueta

Coupage Premium is a definition of high-quality extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). But what is the secret behind its success? Well, it uses two very rare olive varieties — Alfafarenca and Blanqueta. Both of these olives are already well-known for their huge benefits, and when they are mixed together, the effects are even more profound.

9 oliveres premium

Coupage Premium has 70% of Alfafarenca and 30% of Blanqueta. But even though one olive oil is much more dominant than the other, one can easily notice the effects of both of them.

The key trademark of this product is an exceptionally strong flavor. It’s certainly powerful enough to improve the overall taste of just about any food. The most dominant flavor is tomato, but you can also feel the tastes of almond, banana, astringency, kiwi, apple, and fresh grass.

The whole mix tastes very sweet and spicy at the same time, and it’s perfect to use with virtually all types of vegetables. And not only that! It can also be used with cheese, meat, light fish, and pasta. Even chefs and bakers can benefit by using Coupage Premium to make exceptional desserts and pastries.

What makes Coupage Premium so great? Well, the secret lies in a smart combination of Blanqueta and Alfafarenca. 9 Oliveres maximizes the positive effects of both of these olive varieties and all of that results in an oil that is exceptional in every regard.

The basic attributes of Alfafarenca

Alfafarenca offers some very aromatic oils, as well as fruity, green, and bitter tones. Thanks to a combination of polyphenols and high amount of oleic acid, the oils have very strong antioxidant properties and they are very stable. This olive is pretty big, it has a dominant oval shape and a pointy end.

The tree itself is strong and durable, it has thick foliage and an open structure. A vast majority of Alfafarenca comes from Alfafara, which is a small locality in Alicante (l'Alcoià region). Some olive trees in this region are more than 700 years old, so one can say that Alfafarenca has quite a tradition here. The olive has adapted to all harsh weather conditions in this area, and as a result, it has some truly majestic attributes.

Even though Alfafarenca is not as popular as Blanqueta, its taste is just as superb nonetheless.

Blanqueta — the most notable olive in the world

Blanqueta as a product is one of 9 Oliveres’ strongest brands, and as an olive variety, it’s just as great too.

This olive has a strong taste, as well as numerous health benefits. Just like Alfafarenca, it’s also a potent antioxidant, and at the same time, it is great for your cardiovascular health. According to several scientific studies, Blanqueta can decrease your overall risk of heart attacks by as much as 40%. Quite a number!

This olive is native to Spain, and it’s a common part of any Mediterranean diet. But the best thing is, you can get it no matter where you live, and 9 Oliveres is here to ensure that buyers from all over the world can enjoy true high-quality olive oils.